5 Replies to “Publix Super Market at Mary Brickell Village – 911 Southwest 1st Avenue, Miami”

  1. Typical Publix…good selection, very nice produce section. Nice and helpful employees. Clean. Great if you live in area and can walk here. Parking is validated. Only issue I can think of is that it’s more expensive. I find same quality for 30% to 50% less elsewhere. I hit up Publix mid-week to pick up few items to hold me over till I can go to my regular grocery store.

  2. Clean, well stocked. Has a great deli.

    Look for their 2 for 1 store deals. Lots of great products can be had and you can save tons of cash just by buying your items based on those items- includes cereals, coffee, cheese, etc etc.

    note: you don’t need to buy both items to get the discount. You can get one and they will charge you half price.

  3. I came to your store, with my dog. which has documents that she is a service and an emotional dog. your employee I do not remember her name, came up to me and started shouting at me and very rudely to communicate with me. asking me tricky questions and not allowing me to buy food in your store. I went to tears and did not buy anything. I’m a pregnant woman and I should not be nervous. such a terrible relationship, I have never met anywhere. she seemed to be of prison or working there. I will tell in all instances about this case. and I will also sue her. I worry very much, which is very bad for my child. in your shop I’ll be back in order to take notes from the cameras. I was at you on 09.25.2018 at 7-57pm happened in the department of dairy products. I do not know what you will do with the employee. but I will not stop until she is punished for her behavior. I think you understand the seriousness of the problem, the pregnant girl, the dog who had the documents were expelled from the store and insulted.

  4. The service is excellent. The cashiers are super friendly. Its a little small but conveniently located across from Chase Bank. They seem to be pet friendly because I have seen some people take their dogs inside. I love getting hot food from the deli, the servers there are very courteous and seem to take pride in their job.

  5. It is small supermarket. Convenient and cost effective compared to getting from the hotels. If you vacationing with young children, it is a place to buy things to keep within budget. It sells alcohol, some cooked food and salad bar sections.

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