5 Replies to “Vintage Liquor – 1836 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Miami”

  1. Vintage liquors has an amazing website with hard to find spirits. I ordered a fabulous caribbean cream liquer from here and Misty was very patient and professional with my order. They have great prices for shipping and online ordering. Highly recommend this place.

  2. Very fair prices for top notch spirits. Friendly and helpful staff. Only negative is the tight parking…

  3. I love this store! It’s so strange that I usto feel like maybe they had this gin that I love so much, that nobody sells here anymore, but I’d keep driving, thinking they likely won’t have it. One night I had some of what was left in my bottle and decided it’s something my liquor cabinet will always need. Looked it up online, relentlessly, and found out these people had it -and they’re close by! Bought two.

    They have the gin selection front and center ? with a variety for other liquor stores to envy.

  4. This place has the worst, most disorganized service I have ever experienced in trying to send a wine delivery. It has taken me 10 phone calls and all day long to try to order a wine delivery to be given the constant run around and wasted hours on the phone for no service. Do never go to this place nor order service from them.

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